During coaching sessions with me, you will get the result equivalent to a 6-month leadership course. Just write me a private message and we will create a program to suit your needs.

Learn in 8 weeks how to change your story & create a life you love:

  • 8 online sessions + 1 follow up after graduation.
  • Intensive homework and best in class materials.
  • I’m strict, unfulfilled deliveries will be fined.
  • It will be difficult, but this coaching sessions made previous mentees successful.

The 1 hour coaching session will be tailor-made for your needs. During the first get-to-know session we will set a mentoring goal and develop an action tracker plan with additional readings, video materials to get you upgraded during the following 8 weeks. Below is a list of topics, which were highly valued by the previous mentees:

  • Achieve Any Goal
  • Tips for Measuring the Success
  • The Art of Giving Feedback
  • Getting Time Under Control
  • Organize Your Working Routine
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Prioritization of Yourself
  • Communication is the Key
  • Successful Career Development
  • Positive Psychology
  • Leading in Crisis
  • Emotional Intelligence

Why not to read a book?

Books, as a rule, sell the process – not the result. If you read multiple books on self motivation at a comfortable pace, with a small amount of dedication, then you will need 2-3 years to upgrade.

Why not to google?

When you google topics, that are interesting to you, you do not have a follow up to implement the learned techniques. You forget the next day, or even an hour, what you learned about.

People have been coaching for thousands of years, but it is only in recent decades that coaching has taken shape as a separate scientific discipline. I’m an associate certified coach from International Coach Federation, and will give you various tasks and exercises that will help you to identify the factors that limit the realization of your potential. You will be able to find solutions that will help you to start living the life you want and truly love. I made modules as a practical guide with a minimum of theory (you will receive link, where you can read more). My aim is that you become the best version of yourself in fast and efficient way.

Contact me & let’s get started!

Traveled to 60+ countries, speak 5 languages fluently, self-made – I can share a thing or two on how to become successful šŸ™‚

Very truly yours,
ILona B. Schukina

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