7 steps to create results in your life.

What makes life meaningful? What is the driving force of a person?

Goals. Results. Goals. Results. More goals… but what one shall do, when there is no motivation to set and achieve goals? Are there any skills, like muscles in sports, that can support you to create the results?

We constantly talk about the importance of setting and achieving goals. How achieving results helps to transform emotionally desired future into an everyday routine. How one can build a bridge that connects desires and actions. Why achieving goals and results is needed… that one needs to fill life with meaning, be responsible for their own decisions and actions, take control of ones life. “Become the author of your life” – is the quote each keeps on repeating as an affirmation, continues bumping on the wall while trying to climb this wall.

The main revelation of recent weeks and months I discovered, is that creating results is a skill that you can implement from anywhere and in any circumstance. The challenging environment is a new normal and I would like to share skills, that one can implement or learn to create results.

How to set goals correctly? The easiest 7 steps path:

  1. Dream. Ability to think transcendentally. Set a big goal on the horizon of 3-5 years and look at the current situation from the point of view of this goal, and not from the past and current circumstances. Imagine this perfect morning in 3 years and the best version of yourself being a winner of achieved goal. It is important here to turn off your consciousness and just dream, listen to your feelings, where they lead you. Enjoy the moment, write down your observations: how it smells, how it sounds, how it feels – try to see the shame of this morning and describe it detailed.
  2. Set goals. Then set a goal for 1 year; based on it, set a point for the next quarter and a goal for the week. When you formulate the goals, think of the objectives when not only you, but also others feel better. Think of how implementation of your goal can bring benefits to others. You need such approach to get support from your social circle, you want to create a path for a common walk to achieving the goal.
  3. Plan. Set a clear annual plan that leads to a big goal. Feel that your goal is real, achievable, developing results once your are just dreaming about it.
  4. Decomposition. Expand the annual goal by months, then weeks, and then days. Take a small step every week towards a big goal. This will significantly increase the likelihood of the realization of the desired. That is, to answer the question of what exactly should I do today, what lies in the zone of my capabilities, that is, I can do this, which will lead me to the annual plan and through it – to the big goal.
  5. Team play. The ability to be a team member who supports others, while being able to accept help, is priceless. Often one thinks that achieving goals by themselves is the only possible way, however keeps on giving advice to other on how to achieve their own goals. Is it a team play? No, the rules of the game is giving and taking. Accept and give loving honest feedback.
  6. Partner play. While being fully focused on your own goals, you shall not forget keeping the focus on the partner. Making other person’s goals as important as your own, fighting for the other dreams as for yourself – is hard, controversial and yet the highest level of mastery you can achieve. Skill to work in partnership, respect others self-space, call and support each other – are components of a partner play, that will lift you up when you are down.
  7. Keep your word. All this does not work without special regard for your word when you say and do. This is how self-respect and trust from other people grow. And this is also a trainable skill.

Thankfully to clearly formulated goals, self-confidence develops, your competence and your level of motivation increases. You become what you imagine yourself to be in your consciousness. The world around you is just a reflection of your inner world, while your thoughts are mirrored and materialized. People who are unlucky in life constantly think about what they do not want. They always reflect on their worries and failures and look for the culprit of their troubles. While happy people focus only on what they want the most.

Very truly yours,

ILona B. Schukina

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