There is no passion to be found when playing small.

What is your dream? How often do you think about it? Think about it right now and try to envision it. How far are you from making it come true? How disappointed are you that it’s not yet achieved? I myself can not answer those questions, but I can say for sure that anything you dream about is possible. But you must run towards it, work towards it day in and day out.

Did you ever question yourself why do so many people stop growing, stop working on themselves, stop stretching & pushing their limits and do not want to take any risks? That’s because most of us become comfortable with our day-to-day life, forgetting what we wanted to achieve and become satisfied with what we have. We are doing jobs we don’t like, pursuing relationships that make us sick, forgetting our hobbies that once made us happy and giving up on our dreams. And by doing so we are truly committing a spiritual suicide.

I recently spoke to my grandmother who turned 81 yesterday. She is taking care of my sick grandfather, 3 cats, 2 dogs and 8 turtles that my cousin left at hers, having health issues herself and struggling to pay the bills. But despite all this woman is simply happy. Why? She said that she was busy writing a book of healthy recipes. When I asked her if she ever planned to get it published, she said that it didn’t matter, but that she was enjoying every single moment of the journey and that she felt like she was achieving her long-time dream.

It often happens that people do not have a dream. For some it might sound unbelievable, but yes, there are points in life when we do not have energy or courage to dream or to set a life goal. Dreams and goals do not just jump at us, they come from behind and gently whisper. They never shout out loud, and might be hard to hear through the noise of daily life. So we need to challenge ourselves to always be ready to hear what was whispered in our ears, to recognize a dream and to unite it with our talents. It is always a true pity to see people living their lives without recognizing their talents. Or even worse, to see those who actually know their talents not taking the time to develop them further. If you think about it, sometimes just one simple idea can change our life and turn it around. No one is just lucky, those who are successful are highly likely well trained to recognize and catch their dreams. They train everyday to believe in themselves and in what they are capable of. So that on such a day, when opportunity to combine a dream and their talents arises on the horizon, they are already well prepared to take it and to own it.

Right now, do you have a feeling of not being a person you wanted to be? If so, how did you allow this to happen? And believe me, most likely it has nothing to do with a system or society you are living in, but you most probably have a fear of making sacrifices or not willing to take risks to build Yourself and to make Yourself happen. We are the only ones who can make our own dreams become a reality, and if we don’t — we will end up working someone else’s dream.

I strongly believe that it is possible to make all our dreams come true. Yes, I really do. And so should you. Though the real question you shall be asking: “Have I made my decision to put my dreams into reality? Am I ready to hold on to it, continuously?” Universe stays on our side and helps us achieve our goals and dreams only if it feels that we are serious about it and really believe in it. If you don’t decide to step up today — it will not work for you. The famous “there is always tomorrow” does not work in this case. There are no guarantees that there will be a tomorrow. It has to start now and today. You can always find an explanation why you can’t grow, why you can’t move up to the next level, why you can’t live your life on your terms. There is always an excuse why you can’t do one thing or another. But remember, your life will never be repeated, and the moment you are living in right now will never come back again.

So how about such an idea: from now on, every time you see yourself in the mirror, praise yourself and say “I live the life on my own terms”. If you manage to “sell” you to yourself and achieve a constant feeling of self-greatness, you will be surprised how many great new things will start happening to you.

Naturally, the dreams don’t come true easily. In the process of achieving your dream you will encounter a lot of disappointments, failures, pains and setbacks. But during that amazing journey you will discover new things about yourself that you might not be aware of right now. What you will also realize — is that you can be more powerful than that you could ever imagine. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you, people that will empower you, people you can learn from, people that you can grow with. Take a close look at your life and think of where you want it to go, do not worry about yourself and circumstances, your age and your family status. Everything is possible if you believe in it.

Have you ever noticed how often when things get hard, many of us just give up, we quit? And the only reason for doing so is following our fear. Fear is what fuels our uncertainty, it comes into our bodies and plays nasty games with our brains. Most of the time we can easily kill this fear, but we don’t, we accept it as an excuse of why certain things should l not be happening to us. Is it bringing any benefits to you? Certainly not. So why shall you be willing to accept less in your life than you deserve? Ask yourself, how long are you going to allow your fears to hold you back? What good did they bring to your life? Fight them, prove to your own body and mind that you are able to fight your way through anything. Do not let your fears get bigger than you. It takes a lot of determination to keep the fire burn continuously, same goes for our lives — we have to continuously work on our mindshift with no breaks. When you will step down on your fears and start pushing yourself higher, you will realize that all those great things that you couldn’t even dream of achieving are simply within your reach, and they have been just waiting for you all along. You can easily change a lot of things in your life: your looks, your job, your partner, the place you live in, but if you do not change your mind, the same experiences will come to you over and over again. There is nothing more powerful than your mind working differently. Go deeper, always go deeper.

There will never be a point, when the time is right to do something great. If we are just waiting for this perfect moment, nothing will ever happen. Rather than waiting, we must create this perfect timing, perfect opportunity, perfect environment. The time is the most precious asset we have, so let’s not lose it. Think of what you can do the next minute, hour, day, week, month or a year? It’s almost one month into 2019, how much did you invest in yourself so far? How much time did you put into achieving your goals and how much time was spent doing useless activities? Your time is the most precious resource, if you want to achieve something — do it now. You have to start saying “yes” to your life, “yes” to your dreams, “yes” to your future and “yes” to your potential. Future possibilities are unlimited, no one knows where you can go, what you are capable of or what is possible for you. But, we all have a power to change the direction of our lives, to change our thoughts and explore new horizons. And when you begin doing this, make your goals to stretch your limits. The success is not given to you, it must be earned and must be taken.

Many of us do not realize how great we are while being busy with secondary activities. It’s so often that we waste ourselves, not knowing how to say no to things that don’t matter — and end up not having time to work on ourselves. Do not let those destructions get to you. Ask yourself — “How much time do I have left?”. Imagine you are close to the end, and all that is left is a bunch of untaken opportunities, unfulfilled dreams you never worked on and the talents you never used. You owned all of these but never took a chance and risk to explore further. They never made it to real life and never became a memory or experience of yours. . They could have brought great things into your life , or they could also lead you to a disaster — you will never know anymore. Since it is not a memory you made, it is a shadow. How many of those shadows will you be carrying along by the end of this year, by the end of a decade? So why don’t you turn those shadows into the lifetime moments and create a different reality for yourself? Opportunities are present right now at this moment, and you must have no fear to take them. If you are not willing to risk, you cannot grow. If you cannot grow, you cannot become your best. If you cannot become your best, you cannot be happy. If you not be happy, then what else is there?

Why should we settle for less than we deserve in this life?

In the end, our path to success is supposed to be difficult. If it wasn’t — then what would drive us forward? By overcoming the obstacles and exploring new paths, by making mistakes along the way and discovering new horizons we are not just gaining the most valuable experience, but also making ourselves stronger and becoming who we are supposed to be.

Failing in attempts to make it better is totally acceptable, so don’t be afraid to lose or embarrass yourself. Funny enough, as a non-native English speaker, I often get mixed up between words ‘embrace’ and ‘embarrass’. And I strongly believe that it is normal to mix those two terms up in your life experiences as well. Just remember that the only thing that can make you happy is taking a step to the next level, is realizing and achieving what you are capable of, is being who you always wanted to be. As little kids, we failed at simple things such as walking or talking, but we mastered those skills effortlessly because they were a part of our life. So think of other hard things the same way — they are just a part of your life. Failure means you are trying, it brings you one step closer to success.

Don’t ever listen when someone tells you that “you are not good enough”. Others can easily convince you that what you are doing or trying to achieve has no meaning. And because of them you might lose that dream, give up on it.But think about this: when you are hungry and want to make a meal for yourself, do you really care that you are not cooking like a Michelin star chef? (…Unless it’s your dream, of course) — No, you make your meal the way you see it, nothing stops you from trying a new recipe or adding a bit more ingredients to personalize your experience. You don’t care what anybody thinks about the way you cook or what you are making for yourself, right? So learn how to ignore the criticism in anything else you are doing, and most importantly, do not let others plant those thoughts of hesitation inside your head. It can be really hard to stop listening to other people. If you are not sure if you should listen or not, ask yourself — what did they achieve to be able to criticize you? Who are they to tell you how to live your life? The chapters in your life are not written by them, you are the author, so why should you bother to listen to their criticism? They are not your co-writers or editors. Your story is written only by you. Don’t let anybody tell you that the doors are shut and there are no opportunities left. It might look so for them, but unless you try to open those doors with your own key — you will never know if they were indeed closed.

Everyone is born to win. How many times did you win playing board games, so what’s the difference of playing the game of life?

Have a great day,

Ilona B. Schukina & Valeria Zaide

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