8 ways to get energy & motivation.

Did you ever think how much energy you spend on different life aspects on a daily basis? How much do you devote to your career, relationship, hobbies, health, physical appearance, personal growth, inner harmony?; and what would do to harmful habits, laziness, complaining, pessimism, procrastination, sweeping problems under the rug?

Why do you have low energy?

Let us think about the “inner soul”, the exact place where you lose the energy. Think of this: you’ve probably known for a long time what you really want to do with your life, but chances are — you are afraid to acknowledge it. Do you ever feel like there is a hole in your “inner soul” that is stopping you? You might try to cover it up to feel nothing, but it doesn’t make you happier. You spend your time keeping up with your social status but you still feel like there’s emptiness in your life. You might be afraid to love and consider it to be a weakness. And you are afraid to be considered weak by the others. You do not think why, but you follow opinions of others, instead of following your own. You are afraid not to be perceived the way you really are. That is a fear of loneliness; will you be able to cross it? Remember that — fears are only fantasies in our minds, and it is only you who decides to suffer from them. If you feel that your daily role just plods along, without high breakthroughs — maybe it is finally the time for a rise?

I really dislike when people say “it’s Friday, we have a great mood, because tomorrow is the weekend” or “Mondays again, a full working week in front”. There are 5 working days per week, that you shall enjoy living as much as those 2 days of the weekend. Could it be that boosting your daily motivation will improve your energy levels and by knowing what you are passionate about you can achieve the highest merits?

There are ways how to take your life under control, but as we all know, by just talking there will be no result coming. I want to share techniques my surrounding influencers & I use, the key drivers to stay motivated and inspired daily.

1.Smile. Always smile.

It makes you happier regardless the situation, it makes you also more beautiful, it releases endorphins to fight any stress and improves your immune system. The joy of a good laughter is a great power of attraction to elevate your mood and draw people to you.

2.Leave your drowning environment.

Do you sometimes look back in 2016–2014–2010 and feel that time flew by too fast? Were you able to accomplish your personal objectives? If you do feel that there was no time for it — well, you better stop. When you are going through the same reality circle and only thinking of how life could be, nothing can be changed. Change your environment, get into a different social circle, push yourself towards committing to your chosen goal. Do what is valuable for you, not what someone dictates you to do. Challenge your boundaries until you see the new reality forming around you.

3.Just do it!

We are often told that you can’t start without a proper preparation. If you do not know how to write an article — you can’t do it, if you are not training every day — you can’t run a marathon, if you do not have personal savings — you can’t start your own business. First this and that shall happen, for you to be able to accomplish something. Time flies and nothing changes, and just a new “why not to” comes up. Do you agree that it’s just excuses because we are afraid to leave the comfort zone? If you really want to do something, then just do it “somehow” instead of continuing to think about it. Do not think about actions, do not think about accuracy, do not try building an ideal picture in your head. First, make it “somehow”, get into this experience, polish it, roll up on it, ask for feedback, make it perfect and tie the knot. Everything will change when you take the first step of doing it.

4.Find coaches.

Nobody goes on a black skiing slope without a proper preparation — it will be a terrible crash. There is also not much of help for sportsmen reading books on how to ski or biographies of great skiers. Making a visualization board and dreaming in the night also does not save them from fractures and broken bones. Athletes go to the coach, they train daily, perform jumps, fall down and stand back up to make more attempts. Our life is same — we need mentors & coaches who can teach us new skills. Coaches are needed not only to support you during the fall, but also to praise your success, help you to be the best you can be, challenge your goals and objectives, protect you from struggles or the harsh critics, and coach you deliberately for getting this gold medal you are aiming for.

5.Break bad habits.

What in your life pleasures you the most? Is it your relationship,career, personal growth, inner balance? Or maybe your life joy is heavily dependent on eating, smoking and drinking alcohol? It is necessary to put the right priorities. Eating healthy food, drinking enough good water, being in a good shape and doing your favorite sports will help your body to be cleared of debris and release a huge amount of energy. It is said that it takes a minimum of 21 days for an old mental image to dissolve and a fresh habit to flourish. Start today, do not wait for Monday to change yourself.

6.Look in your parents eyes.

Parents brought you to this world. Do you often tell them how grateful you are for it? Be close to your parents, they give you the energy of unconditional love and believe in you. If you live far away, make time for a call at least once per week to tell them about yourself. Next time you meet your parents, look into their eyes and promise them to live at fullest. Take responsibility to support their lives too, yes, it is a scary thing to do — but did your mother ever hesitated while bringing you up? Regardless life hardships, she did not let you down. It’s time to give back to your parents, become an adult. You will have powerful inflows of forces and feel motivated each time you see your parents being proud of you. Having parents’ love in the universe of energies is essential.

7.Lighten up your personal life.

Getting a partner with who you can grow and develop together is not easy. They say there are many people with whom you can go to bed, but a few you want to wake up with. There are 3 types of partnerships: physical, emotional & intellectual. Which one is lightning you up? If you are single, did you think to change your attitude or reshape the expectations? How can you make someone happy and what kind of life you wish for both of you? What is love and support you exchange with a mutual respect? Never try to change someone, love them for who they are, not for what you want them to be. If they don’t value you, it will never change, just leave them behind and don’t waste your energy.

As for women, dancing and appreciating your own body fills you up with loving energies. Learn to feel your body, how it moves with musical rhythms, how you feel partners emotions while been in a pair dance — it helps to reveal your inner woman’s nature. The energies of warmth will start surrounding the reality around you and boost your self-esteem.

8.Open up to the world.

When you are thinking a lot without any transformation result, find a way to open up to the world. Find a way how you can connect to the powers of universe — meditation can become your key. The negativity and problems happen only if you accept them. It is only you who suffers from being angry on someone. Does it really make sense to lose the precious energy on it? Start cleaning up your gloomy connections with objects, memories and people. The goal is to have a clear brain and connect to the global mind. Only by controlling your thoughts, practicing kindness and focusing on the beauty around you, you are able to expand the consciousness and realize that there are no limits. As philosopher Dan Dennett said, “ there is no such thing as consciousness “, so decide yourself how to interface with your universe.

To sum up, I would use a quote that guides my way — “Dream the Impossible, Seek the Unknown, Achieve Greatness”.

Very truly yours,

ILona B. Schukina

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