Nothing is impossible.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Appreciate you visiting my page! It’s proven that curious people have an adventurous life 🙂

At this page you can get to know me and read about my life principles. I started this blog to share my articles on self-motivation and record events I participated in or plan to join. Later it evolved in a consulting and speaking engagements booking page – happy to hear from you too 🙂

I’m particularly proud of self-developed Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement 6-hour training course (download pdf) and 8-weeks transformation self-couching program (download pdf). Over 16 years I set personal goals on weekly, monthly and yearly basis. I mastered bringing myself from A to B, and share best practices in my self-motivation (blog). I hope it can help you to structure goal setting and help you to manage yourself more efficiently. Just like we manage business and grow profitable companies, one can improve life and solve the personal success theorem.

Currently I live in Berlin, one of the greatest cities out of 60+ countries, that I visited.  I’m proud of been able to fluently speak 5 languages: Chinese, German, English, Russian & Belarusian. I love crypto, back in 2016 did my first investment in altcoins and since then prefer tokens to shoes shopping 🙂

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