Appreciate you visiting my page! It’s proven that curious people have an adventurous life 🙂

On this page I share my thoughts about life (principles), best practices on coaching (daily posts) and self-motivation (blog). Those techniques work miracles, not only for personal life but also in professional carrier.

Over 13 years I set personal goals on weekly, monthly and yearly basis. I mastered bringing myself from A to B, and share best practices in a mentorship 8-weeks program. It structures goal setting and helps you to manage yourself. Just like we manage business and grow profitable companies, one can improve life and solve the personal success theorem.

What do I do for living?

Nothing is impossible.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

I jokingly say to have family DNA in logistics, I started to support family logistics business at the age of 14 and my passion towards supply chains has no limits. At the age of 17 I moved from Belarus, where I’m originally coming from, to China to study Bachelor degree. Within 4 years of undergraduate degree I learned the world’s most complex language from scratch and opened a branch of family business. At the age of 22 I decided to continue my professional journey in Germany and joined yacht shipping companyCan you imagine how a 20m luxury yacht is delivered from Europe to Asia without touching ocean waters? Planning and organizing such projects was my daily job! Oh, did I mention that visiting worldwide yacht shows and meeting customers worldwide was a part of a package? After 4 years of glam life, I decided to get into corporate environment. I managed transportation of coffee green beans and supervised teams across 32 countries. I did fly a lot, in 2018 it was 101 flight and 170+ nights in a hotel – I loved it in the begging, but then started forgetting which city I am at, when I woke up in the morning… This is not life one wants to live, so I set to write principles, that since then guide me. Looking back, it was probably one of the most challenging experiences I had: an old school black suit corporate world with quite a lot of women inequality. When I have a self reflection to it now, I’m actually thankful for such experience. Of course, the part-time MBA degree from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, that I did in parallel to that job, also helped me to overcome the challenges. After which, I became a strong leader, who shines and knows her worth. Later I worked in European biggest online fashion retail store, making sure that there is enough supply to cover customers demand. Since it was during Covid-19 times, we faced a year-long lockdown and a very high workload, since offline customers turned to online. Keeping motivating-engaging team and still shine bright myself was a probably the most testing self-leadership skill I mastered. Next there is even a more exciting opportunity!

Currently I live in Berlin, the most beloved city out of 60+ countries, that I visited.  I’m proud of been able to fluently speak 5 languages: Chinese, German, English, Russian & Belarusian. Well, those are just very few from my accomplishments I did by the age of 30 🙂

Why do I want to help you?

It’s a truly rewarding experience to see others self growth. My goal is to convince you to get your life under control and be actively working on achieving your goals.

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